Can’t receive phone calls (Samsung Galaxy S6)

A friend has tried to call me couple of times but has come to the voice mail every time. SMS didn’t work either. Called the operator but no luck there. Has also tried to restart the phone a couple of times but that didn’t help.

Finally this morning I found out what setting what was causing this problem. It turned out to be “Call Waiting”. In a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone this setting is found in Settings > Applications > Phone / Telephone > More settings > Call waiting. Turned this one off and then it started to work.

Html changes are not updating

Did a silly mistake when I updated a MVC website the other day. I did some css and html changes but that didn’t seem to be updated when I hit F5 in the browser. It only become updated when I did a rebuild in Visual Studio, really frustrating and I spent nearly 1 hour to figure out what was wrong.
At last I found what was causing this. It was beacause it was a OutputCache directive on the action in the controller that cached all the content.

Sometimes the answers are really simple if you know where to look.. =)