Unable to connect to SQL DB via SSMS on Azure VM

I’ve installed SQL Server 2016 Express on a Azure Virtual Machine (VM). I opened the ports (port 1433) to connect to the server via Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) but access was denied. I also opened the port inside the Azure portal on the server but still no success.
Then I came over a solution to the connection problem. You need to set the port number on IPAll among IP Addresses inside TCP/IP in Sql Server Configuration Manager. See screenshot below.

TCP Port 1433

How to navigate to the TCP Port setting:

  1. Open Sql Server Configuration Manager.
  2. Click on “Protocols” for “{INSTANCE NAME}” under Sql Server Network Configuration.
  3. Double click on TCP/IP.
  4. Click on tab “IP Addresses”.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and write the port number (1433 is default).

Good luck!

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