Cordova build APK – Package damaged

I tried to build an APK (Android) in Cordova, build is successful so far so good!
When transferring the file to my mobile I got error message during install “Installation is not possible, package is damaged”. I created a new Cordova project and compared my “config.xml” file with the one in the project that failed. Found out that the “android-versionCode” is causing the problem. This is specified in the top of the config.xml. Remove that and the install is successful!

File not found & dexDebug failed

Had some problem to build a Cordova app in VS. Tried updating java, Android SDK etc..but still same problem (java.lang file not found and dexDebug failed).

Finally I found out that you can’t have a Cordova project inside a path with ‘åäö’ which I had, i.e path to VS project: “C:\Test\Hambörjare\”. When I changed the path to non ‘åäö’ it started to work! =)

I read that this is a reported bug to the Java team at Oracle but I guess it’s not on the their number one todo list..

Cordova – Error initializing Cordova (Class not found)

Arbetat med en app till och suttit hela dagen och fäktats med en mobilapp skapad med Phonegap / Cordova.

Uppgraderade Cordova till version 3.6.4 samt plugins’en (datepicker, childbrowser och progressdialog). Men vid start poppar felmeddelandet:

[Error] Error initializing Cordova Class not found, se skärmbild:Error initializing Cordova

Error initializing Cordova

Lösningen på problemet var att lägga till raden: <feature name=”Device”><param name=”android-package” value=”org.apache.cordova.Device”/></feature>
i config.xml (assets/www/res/xml/config.xml).

Det verkar alltså som att den annars inte hittar pluginen “Device”..