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HTB ApacheBlaze – Hints


Here is some hints for the HTB web challenge ApacheBlaze (easy) Step into the ApacheBlaze universe.. Burp is your friend for this challenge! Console log the X-Forward-Host header with app.logger.error(…) in order to see if your request is triggering any…

HTB Busqueda – Hint!


Seasonal machine at hack the box is a Linux instance with Apache 2.4.52. I’ve seen a lot of people struggling to find a functional and working reverse shell after they got the initial foothold. From an initial foothold it is…

HTB Web challenge Neonify – Hints!

If you struggle with the web challenge Neonify at HTB, here comes some hints! Look in to the end of the line? Where is flag? May the encoding be with you..Good luck and let me know if any hint was…