Lines between braces in Visual Studio 2017

Have recently installed Visual Studio 2017 (release candidate version). And I’m not a big fan of the vertical lines between if declarations, methods, classes and namespaces. It becomes very cluttered when you have a lot of if’s or short methods.
But fourtunately it’s easy to hide the lines, uncheck the option “Show structure guide lines” in Tools > Options > Text Editor > General > Display.

Hide lines between braces option:

show structure guide lines

show structure guide lines

VS 2017 RC

Wow now is Visual Studio 2017 available for test (release candidate version). Microsoft seems to release a new version every second year now of Visual Studio. Some new features I really like so far:

  • Visual Studio has been optimized to reduce startup time and solution load time. The very first launch of Visual Studio is at least 50% faster. I mean who likes slow software. =)
  • Reference method returns.
  • Value tuples where you could convert anonymous object to a tuple.

Get i from: