Visual Studio 2017 changing font colors

Have had some problems with Visual Studio 2017 and my color scheme (self created). But at every startup VS changed the color scheme to something completely different. No other settings where affected only the colors were changed. This bug have now been fixed in the latest update to VS.
You can follow the thread at:

Lines between braces in Visual Studio 2017

Have recently installed Visual Studio 2017 (release candidate version). And I’m not a big fan of the vertical lines between if declarations, methods, classes and namespaces. It becomes very cluttered when you have a lot of if’s or short methods.
But fourtunately it’s easy to hide the lines, uncheck the option “Show structure guide lines” in Tools > Options > Text Editor > General > Display.

Hide lines between braces option:

show structure guide lines

show structure guide lines

VS 2017 RC

Wow now is Visual Studio 2017 available for test (release candidate version). Microsoft seems to release a new version every second year now of Visual Studio. Some new features I really like so far:

  • Visual Studio has been optimized to reduce startup time and solution load time. The very first launch of Visual Studio is at least 50% faster. I mean who likes slow software. =)
  • Reference method returns.
  • Value tuples where you could convert anonymous object to a tuple.

Get i from:


Unable to launch the IIS Express Web server

Failed to register URL “http://localhost:63647” for site application. Error description: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process (0x80070020).

1. Open project properties.
2. Choose “Web” on the left hand side.
3. Update the port number in the project URL. Then click yes if you want to update the virtual directory.
VisualStudio_Project URL

4. Save and restart Visual studio, then you should be good to go! =)


Html changes are not updating

Did a silly mistake when I updated a MVC website the other day. I did some css and html changes but that didn’t seem to be updated when I hit F5 in the browser. It only become updated when I did a rebuild in Visual Studio, really frustrating and I spent nearly 1 hour to figure out what was wrong.
At last I found what was causing this. It was beacause it was a OutputCache directive on the action in the controller that cached all the content.

Sometimes the answers are really simple if you know where to look.. =)